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A satirical revue produced by the Theatre Guild, with music mainly by Moross, Parade opened on May 20, 1935 at the Guild Theater. It played for 32 performances. Starring in Parade were Jimmy Savo, Edgar Allen, Earl Oxford, Eve Arden, Leon Janney, and Vera March.

Frankie and Johnny

The popular song Frankie and Johnny, based on an actual incident that occurred in St Louis in 1899 when a prostitute named Frankie Baker shot and killed her pimp/lover following an argument, was first published in New York in 1904. As early as 1933, when Jerome Moross was only twenty, he told the New York Evening Journal that he planned to compose on the Frankie and Johnny theme: "What I plan to do is to take the elements that make a good Broadway Show interesting, and add them to opera." In 1938, Chicago dancer-choreographers Ruth Page and Bentley Stone formed the Page-Stone Ballet Company as part of the Federal Theater Project. Ruth Page commissioned Jerome Moross to compose an original ballet score. Frankie and Johnny  was premiered on 20 June 1938 at the Great Northern Theater in Chicago. Ruth Page and Bently Stone danced the title characters. and most of the choreography was by the latter.


Ballet Ballads

Opened on Broadway in 1948. An evening of three music and dance pieces, featuring songs by Jerome Moross and John Latouche. Susanna and the Elders, choreographed by Katherine Litz, Willie the Weeper by Paul Godkin, and The Eccentricities of Davy Crockett by Hanya Holm. Susanna and the Elders is set at a revival meeting, in which the parson retells the story from the Book of Daniel about a beautiful Jewish wife whose lusting admirers publicly accused her of adultery when she refuses to sleep with them. In Willie the Weeper, the drug-addicted man's various hallucinations are interpreted through song and dance. The Eccentricities of Davy Crockett celebrates the life of the legendary frontiersman.


The Golden Apple

A musical adaptation of parts of each of the Iliad and Odyssey epics of Homer, Jerome Moross collaborated with John Latouche. The musical premiered Off-Broadway in 1954 and then transferred to Broadway. The original production starred Kaye Ballard as Helen, and Stephen Douglass as Ulysses. It was the first Off-Broadway show to win the Best Musical award from the New York Drama Critics' Circle.


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