The Last Judgement by Jerome Moross

Performed by duo imPuls for Best Performance at the 12th Dranoff International 2 Piano Competition, May 16, 2013, Gusman Concert Hall, University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida
Raksin Sings Moross

1935: David Raksin, American composer and friend and colleague of Jerome Moross, singing two songs from Moross's musical, "Parade." They are "Life Could Be So Beautiful" and "You Ain't So Hot." Moross accompanies Raksin.

Courtesy, The David Raksin Collection.
The Big Country at the 2013 BBC Proms

John Wilson Conducts the John Wilson Orchestra in the theme to “The Big Country”
August 26, 2013

An Interview with Susanna Moross Tarjan

August 26, 2013-Susanna Moross Tarjan, daughter of American composer Jerome Moross, was interviewed by Rob Davis, Classical South Florida, at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival on the stage of Cinema Paradiso.


The WFMT Radio Network and the estate of Jerome Moross presents this two-hour radio documentary, "JEROME MOROSS: The Big Country and Beyond," in honor of the composer's 100th birthday. It was originally broadcast by classical music radio stations in the United States and internationally beginning August 1st, 2014, the composer's actual birth date. It has been part of a yearlong celebration of the composer that has included a live performance of Moross's 1st Symphony by JoAnn Falletta and the Buffalo Philharmonic in April 2014.

Produced by British radio documentarian Jon Tolansky, the program is narrated by Grammy award-winning artist and champion of American music, Michael Feinstein. The program features some of Moross's most memorable music with interviews and commentary from many whose lives and careers were touched by the composer, including the legendary singer and actress Kaye Ballard, conductor JoAnn Falletta, and British singer Claire Martin. Rare recorded conversations from several archives give listeners a chance to hear Jerome Moross talk about his music in his own words.


A centenary celebration of the colorful life of the maverick and seminal American composer of film scores, orchestral and chamber music, ballets, opera, Broadway musicals and American songs.


Hosted by Michael Feinstein, WFMT Radio Network based in Chicago has produced a 2-hour radio documentary, JEROME MOROSS: The Big Country and Beyond.

WFMT initiated the project in honor of the Moross Centennial.  Developed by British radio documentarian Jon Tolansky and narrated by Grammy award-winning artist and champion of American music, Michael Feinstein, the program features some of Moross’s most memorable music with interviews and commentary from many whose lives and careers were touched by the composer.

The interviews here are the complete audio tapes of Jon Tolansky who talked with the artists and scholars about Jerome Moross for the radio documentary.

In addition, we are pleased to present several original interviews with the composer and transcripts of those interviews, courtesy of Susanna Moross Tarjan.

For more information and details on the broadcast, contact WFMT director of Network Marketing and Syndication, Tony Macaluso.  [E-mail:]


The American poet, dance critic and dance historian Jack Anderson is the author of seven specialist books on a wide diversity of dance and ballet subjects.  In this interview he discusses Ruth Page’s discovery of Moross, their collaborations on An American Pattern, Frankie and Johnny and Guns and Castanets, Moross’s social advocacy of women, and his artistic relationship with John La Touche in Ballet Ballads.

Comedienne and singer Kaye Ballard introduced Moross’s famous song Lazy Afternoon to the world when she was cast as Helen for both the Off Broadway world premiere and Broadway performances of The Golden Apple. In this interview she recalls how she was selected for the role, she comments on the rehearsal period for the show, she discusses the music and lyrics of The Golden Apple and in particular Lazy Afternoon.

Jon Burlingame is Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television Program at USC Thornton School of Music and the author of four books on music for film and television. In this interview he gives an overview of Moross’s work in the theatre, concert hall, radio and film, discussing the evolution and application of his musical, theatrical and word-setting language with particular reference to Frankie and Johnny and The Golden Apple and his several film scores.

American conductor Joann Falletta’s presence as Music Director of the Buffalo Philharmonic and Virginia Symphony Orchestras and the Principal Conductor of the Ulster Orchestra has won her two Grammy awards and ten Grammy nominations among many honours. Here she discusses music of Moross she has recorded: A Tall Story, Frankie and Johnny, the Symphony, and The Last Judgement.

Ian Marshall Fisher is the creator and Director of Lost Musicals, which for the last two decades has presented performances in London of outstanding musicals that have fallen into neglect. He discusses the staging exigencies, audience responses and singing demands in The Golden Apple.

British film music producer James Fitzpatrick was the co-founder of Silva Screen Records in 2002 and since then has brought out and produced 35 albums of a very diverse range of music written for films. In this interview he discusses Moross’s scores for The Proud Rebel, The Big Country, The Cardinal, The Valley of Gwangi, Rachel Rachel and The War Lord.

British jazz singer Claire Martin is the recipient of a large number of awards recognising her pre-eminent position in the international world of jazz. She has recorded an arrangement of Lazy Afternoon from The Golden Apple which she worked on with the distinguished American composer and pianist Kenny Barron, and in this interview she discusses this and the inspiration she derived from the music and words of the original song.

Orchestrator and Arranger Larry Moore Editor is the Editor, Projects Director and Historian at JMV Art Preservation Foundation and raconteur/orchestrator at CAST-REC. He discusses Moross’s background and his compassion and concern for people. He discusses Moross's expression of this in Frankie and Johnny. He goes on to discuss his orchestrations of The Bishop’s Wife and Hans Christian Anderson. Moore gives analyses of The Golden Apple, Gentlemen Be Seated and Sorry Wrong Number.

British composer, arranger, musical director and music consultant Rodney Newton has scored for many films and television series. Here he discusses Moross’s very wide musical interests and influences in his early years and his friendship with Bernard Herrmann. He moves on to his prodigious gifts and notable elements of his creative style. He also discusses the Symphony, Close Up, The Big Country, The War Lord, The Valley of the Gwangi, Moross's relationships with various film makers.

Howard Pollack is the John and Rebecca Moores Professor of Music at the University of Houston and the author of six specialist books on American music. Here he discusses Jerome Moross’s support from Aaron Copland, the influence on him of Kurt Weill, his artistic relationship with Ruth Page, his artistic relationship with John La Touche, and his language and form in Frankie and Johnny, Ballet Ballads and The Golden Apple.

Aaron Tarjan is the younger of Jerome Moross’s two grandsons. He gives his recollections of his grandfather, who he remembers from his childhood, and in particular he recalls his voracious reading, his love of card games and his benevolent personality.

Josh Tarjan is the older of Jerome Moross’s two grandsons. In this interview he relates his memories of his grandfather’s home and his voracious reading and huge book collection there, his graciously generous personality both at home and also elsewhere, and his vibrant interest in places and people they shared together.

Susanna Moross Tarjan, Moross's daughter, oversaw the Moross Centennial celebrations beginning in 2013. She recalls her father and mother personally. She then goes on to discuss Moross's education and his deep and wide cultural interests. Music covered is Frankie and Johnny, Ballet Ballads, early Hollywood orchestrations, the Symphony, The Golden Apple, The Last Judgement, The Big Country, among many others. There is also discussion of Moross’s artistic relationship with John La Touche.

Mariana Whitmer is the Executive Director of the Society of American Music and the Projects Co-ordinator at the Center for American Music in the University of Pittsburgh. In this interview, she discusses his background, education, early influences and subsequent development. Music covered is Those Everlasting Blues, Paens, Beguine, A Tall Story, Frankie and Johnny, Hollywood , Symphony No.1, Ballet Ballads, The Golden Apple, The Big Country, The Proud Rebel, and more.

About Jon Tolansky, Producer

Formerly a musician at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, Jon Tolansky specializes in making documentary features on composers and performers for international radio organizations and recording companies.
Prominent among these institutions are the Chicago-based WFMT Radio Network, the BBC, WQXR New York, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Radio International, EMI Classics, the Decca Music Group, and VAI Records.

As an independent producer he has pioneered the first sets of CD series featuring documentary profiles, in which he has personally recorded artists such as Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Mirella Freni, Angela Gheorghiu, Carlo Maria Giulini, Marilyn Horne, Yevgeni Kissin, Luciano Pavarotti, Ruggero Raimondi, Mstislav Rostropovich, Giuseppe di Stefano, Dame Joan Sutherland and Jon Vickers discussing their lives, careers and musical repertoire.
Jon Tolansky has contributed articles on music and performers to the Oxford Companion to Music, Cambridge Guide to the Orchestra, Opera House (the magazine of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden), On Air (the magazine of the BBC World Service), Avenue Magazine (U.S.), Andante Magazine, Bambill (Brooklyn Academy of Music publication), Living Music (the magazine of the London Symphony Orchestra), The Lady, The Gramophone, Opera Magazine, Limelight (the magazine of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation), Swiss Style Magazine, and Classical Record Collector. In 2006 he co-wrote the autobiography of the baritone Peter Glossop with the artist.

Jon is in frequent demand as a lecturer and speaker. He has given presentations about performers to international performance organizations, music colleges and universities. They include the Edinburgh International Festival, Les Sommets Musicaux de Gstaad, Cambridge University, the Royal Academy of Music, Trinity College of Music, Birmingham Conservatoire, the London Symphony Orchestra, the Philharmonia Orchestra, the Royal Opera House Covent Garden, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the Lincoln Center Festival, the University of Southern California at Los Angeles, and Stanford University. Additionally he sometimes hosts public interviews with artists preceding their appearances at venues such as the Royal Festival Hall, Barbican Centre and Royal Opera House Covent Garden. He initiated and chaired the 'Profile of the Artist' events organized by the Music Performance Research Centre (which he co-founded – it is now called Music Preserved) at the Barbican Centre, a series of live public interviews with some of the most highly sought after performers of our time. He also initiated and hosted an historical series of interviews with some dozens of major international performers for the Royal Opera Archives (now called the Royal Opera House Collections) to celebrate the Verdi Centenary in 2001.

Jon was born in London where he currently resides.

With Paul Sook, 1970
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With Noah Andre Trudeau, September 1975
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With Craig Reardon, April 1979
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Moross Talk About George Antheil with Charles Amirkhanian, June 1979

Session 9a:
Heritage Ballroom A-B

Moderator: Wayne Shirley, Library of Congress (retired)

Panelists: CHARLES TURNER, University of Hartford (emeritus); MARIANA WHITMER, University of Pittsburgh; FRANK LEHMAN, Tufts University; HOWARD POLLACK, University of Houston; ANDREW GRANADE, University of Missouri, Kansas City; SUSANNA MOROSS TARJAN, Jerome Moross's daughter

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CHARLES TURNER, University of Hartford (emeritus)

MARIANA WHITMER, University of Pittsburgh

FRANK LEHMAN, Tufts University

HOWARD POLLACK, University of Houston

SUSANNA MOROSS TARJAN, Jerome Moross's daughter interviewed by ANDREW GRANADE, University of Missouri

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