In 1985, Susanna Moross Tarjan, Jerome Moross’s daughter collaborated with conductor and music director Mark Mitchell to produce a demo recording of selections from GENTLEMEN, BE SEATED! Maestro Mitchell assembled a cast and produced 18 abbreviated tracks of the 22 numbers from the musical.  The cast includes:

Herndon Lackey, Wardell Woodard, Dennis Perren, Loretta Holkmann, Nancy Callman, Tripp Hanson, and Barbara Walsh.

01. The Grand March


03. The Freedom Train


04. Waltzing In The Shadows


05. Fare You Well


06. The Dome


07. Picnic at Manassas


08. Mockingbird


09. Shiloh


10. The Ballad of Belle Boyd


11. Mancipation


12. This Isn't A Gentlemans War


13. The Contraband Ball


15. All Quiet on the Potomac .


16. The Ballad of Stonewall Jackson


18. I Can't Remember


20. What Has Become Of Beauty


21. Have You Seen Him


22. Grand Finale


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